Avocado Apple Gadget


Greetings Health Fans, I’m not sure where you are reading this from but it’s hot here in Florida. Fortunately summer is winding down and the fall harvest is right around the corner. Since the theme of this month’s Eighty Percent Raw issue is “back to school” I figured I’d share one of my favorite easy […]


How to Prepare Your Broccoli and Cauliflower

Up here in Alaska, August is full-on harvest time for gardeners. With our cool climate and short growing season, we do especially well with cole crops, also known as crucifers – kale, collards, broccoli, cauliflower, all of which can maximize the growth opportunity provided by the almost constant daylight between June and August. These vegetables are all wonderfully nutritious: the beneficial compounds they contain are only just beginning to be quantified, identified and recognized, but everybody’s grandmother knew they were ‘good for you. ‘

Alison Andrews


Many parents, when they begin to improve their own diets, are uncertain about whether they can ‘impose’ the healthier eating regime on their children. They act as if denying their children candies and burgers and cholesterol packed ice cream would be cruel. The opposite is true. It is cruel to impose a lifetime of illnesses on children who are looking to YOU for the example and the knowledge of how to live.



Apples are a universal food, a favorite at any age and of virtually every species. No wonder kids love them! And raw applesauce is one food that is not only ten times healthier than it’s cooked counterpart, but it is ten times faster to make. Bonus! It is totally addictive, so consider yourself warned!

Sprouted Wild Rice with Corn and Tomato


Wild rice is actually a grass, not a grain. It’s an aquatic seed that’s found mostly in the upper fresh water lakes of Canada, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Minnesota in North America. It’s a great source of protein, minerals, B vitamins, folic acid, and carbohydrates. I enjoyed wild rice the other morning to help fuel my cardio workout later that day.