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Eighty Percent Raw, LLC is a Portland, Oregon, USA based company with a virtual team of experts from all over the globe! It is our hope and intention to give our online magazine an international flair and appeal, reaching across all physical, cultural, and emotional boundaries to touch the hearts and lives of all people everywhere! Our hope and mission is to reach out in love with a message about the healing power found in healthy food. The benefits of raw and living food are available to all of the human family. Our desire is to see more vitality and abundant health, joy, connection, understanding, compassion and love among all people. As a result our aim is a reduction in the need for, or dependence upon, pharmaceutical drugs and a return to the energy we believe is our natural birthright.
Tracy Partridge-Johnson
Editor & Publisher – Tracy Partridge-Johnson
¬†Editor and publisher, Tracy Partridge-Johnson, first became interested in the High Raw Foods lifestyle in 2007 after watching her father’s health steadily decline over 15 years.
In that year her cousin, Floyd, at age 41, was diagnosed with a soft-ball-sized brain tumor. Both of these issues, in addition to some personal health concerns, motivated her to search the internet for alternative healing techniques. And she wandered upon the concept behind the Raw Foods lifestyle
These events are the seed that culminated in her decision to create an online magazine where she could help others by spreading the news about improving health with living foods.
You can read the entire story by visiting:TRACY’S RAW FOOD JOURNEY.
Please feel free to Contact Us directly with your questions, thoughts and concerns. We would love to hear from you!
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