Kale Falafel/Burgers/”Neatballs”

Kale! Falafel? Burgers? NeatBalls!!!

Inspiration comes from many people and places always! Lately Facebook has been my haven of collecting and sharing thought provoking and inspirational information. A short time ago, I came across a link for an article called, “7 Reasons Kale is the new beef”. Just this week, deeply engrossed in conversation about putting kale into the diet, I was inspired by a couple of friends to create this Kale rich and versatile recipe… for anyone who may be struggling with creative Vegan dishes, or just making tasty options that even the most stubborn flesh eaters can enjoy this is for YOU!

Raw Truffles


I am Synergy Chef Richard Hemsley

This is my first post to introduce myself and my personal mission to you! I am a proud papa of Three wonderful children and they are The reason why I started this adventure into exploring “What is Truly Food!?!?”. My whole life I thought I was, eating “Healthy”. Mostly home cooked vegetarian foods with the occasional fast food and pizza.