Kale Falafel/Burgers/‚ÄĚNeatballs‚ÄĚ

Kale! Falafel? Burgers? NeatBalls!!!

Inspiration comes from many people and places always! Lately Facebook has been my haven of collecting and sharing thought provoking and inspirational information. A short time ago, I came across a link for an article called, “7 Reasons Kale is the new beef”. Just this week, deeply engrossed in conversation about putting kale into the diet, I was inspired by a couple of friends to create this Kale rich and versatile recipe… for anyone who may be struggling with creative Vegan dishes, or just making tasty options that even the most stubborn flesh eaters can enjoy this is for YOU!

Eighty Percent Raw - The Great Blend Off

The Great Blend Off

I heard back from Kelli at Blendtec. They are sending me one of their blenders so that I can do a side-by-side review of their brand compared to Vitamix. As you probably already know if you’ve been involved in the Raw Food community for even a short time, Vitamix seems to be lauded as the standard in the industry, when it comes to high-speed blenders. Now, I must confess, I got along just fine as a high-raw foodist for over 3 years using my steady-Freddy Oster. But that was long after I had already blown out my first Vitamix.

Coconut Secret


I recently discovered a new raw, low glycemic, gluten-free product line featuring one of my favorite foods of all time: coconuts. The line is called Coconut Secret, and I purchased a four item trial pack: 1.¬†¬† ¬†Coconut Crystals 2.¬†¬† ¬†Coconut Vinegar 3.¬†¬† ¬†Coconut Nectar 4.¬†¬† ¬†Coconut Aminos They are all wonderful‚ĶI‚Äôm so happy with every […]

Sham Rawk Smoothie


This is Chef Adam Graham with a nostalgic smoothie inspired by fond memories from my youth. March is the time of year that the Shamrock Shake makes its appearance on billboards around the country. No longer do I cue up at the Un-Happy Meal trough to stuff my belly with industrial waste (watch the video). That’s not to say that I don’t miss drinking a Shamrock Shake… I do.