Great Weight-Loss Tips From Markus Rothkranz

Weight-Loss Special Epic Finale by Markus Rothkranz Yes, I’m a fan. I have to say that I really love the results both Markus and his girlfriend, Cara Brotman, have achieved in their bodies by following the program he prescribes. They are both about my age…right around 50ish. And honestly, they look AMAZING! In the video […]

Supposedly Raw Almond Nuts

A Nutty Dilemma

ARE “RAW” ALMONDS REALLY A SAFE NUT FOR HUMANS TO EAT? I love nuts, pretty much any kind of nut. But of all the nuts out there, if I had to choose just one to satisfy my taste buds, as well as fill all of the diverse roles I’ve become accustomed to filling with these […]

Weight-loss On A Low-Fat, High-Carb, Starch-Based Diet

Weight-loss On A Low-Fat, High-Carb, Starch-Based Diet

Tracy (Sweet Potato Mama on YouTube) talks about her struggle with weight-loss and body image and the various diets and programs she has been on to try to lose the excess weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle. She also explains why she has decided to commit to a low-fat, high-carb, plant-based, starch-centered plan to achieve […]