Ela Harrison Gordon


Ela Harrison Gordon
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Location: Alaska, USA

Ela Harrison Gordon is a Classical scholar, linguist and poet who has chosen to devote her life to healing and spiritual growth. She has worked as a raw food chef, beekeeper and farmer as well as a translator, writer and editor. Of English and Israeli heritage and raised in London, she has lived in the USA since 2000 and has explored cultivated and wild land whilst living in California, Hawaii and now Alaska.She regards her body’s intolerance of grains and most modern foods, as well as her journey back from near-death from anorexia, as blessings that have led her to a greater reverence for the body and its place in our spiritual development, a more holistic understanding of health, and a deep interest in nutrition both of person and of planet. These blessings first led her to raw foods in 2003, and she is excited to share the breadth of what she has learned from pursuing the lifestyle in a variety of climates whilst integrating with local customs and growth patterns.
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