Dr.. Chris Reynolds, MD
Dr.. Chris Reynolds, MD
Dr. Chris Reynolds, Md.

Wheatgrass, a potent natural healer, has been remarkably effective for thousands of my patients since I began using it therapeutically in 1995. It has also made my job a lot easier because it often heals when nothing else works.

But that’s not all wheatgrass can do.

Over the years, many women have asked me whether wheatgrass could improve the quality of their skin. Being male, medically oriented and presuming they had beauty on their minds I tended to avoid the question.

But I should have been more open-minded because the wheatgrass extract I use for my patients must be one of the best cosmetics ever. After all, I’ve been using it as an aftershave for years. Smooth skin, never a rash or bloodstained collar. Perhaps we males don’t see that as being cosmetic!

Wheatgrass appears to work by activating growth factors, the cell messengers that accelerate cell growth and whole body skin tissue renewal. Therefore, in time it can only improve skin quality. Indeed, I am aware of many examples of this such as immediate softening and smoothing of face and hands; elimination of blackheads; effective soothing and rash prevention post-waxing and as a moisturizer after sun and wind exposure. Also, as one lady noted, wheatgrass is an “awesome” toner.

So whenever you think “wheatgrass”, think “skin recovery”. You shouldn’t have to pay a small fortune for an effective eye moisturizer.

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