Kale Falafel/Burgers/”Neatballs”

Inspiration comes from many people and places always!

Lately Facebook has been my haven of collecting and sharing thought provoking and inspirational information. A short time ago, I came across a link for an article called, “7 Reasons Kale is the new beef

Just this week, deeply engrossed in conversation about putting kale into the diet, I was inspired by a couple of friends to create this Kale rich and versatile recipe… for anyone who may be struggling with creative Vegan dishes, or just making tasty options that even the most stubborn flesh eaters can enjoy this is for YOU!

Kale Falafel/Burgers/”Neatballs”

4 cups Sunflower Seeds or half pumpkin soaked for 4-6 hours in clean water then drained and rinsed. Allow to sprout for 24 hours rinsing at least 2-3 times in that time.

1 large bunch Kale of choice or 2-3 standard bunches the bunch I used had a diameter of about 3 inches in the stems! Cut the bottom of stems off as they are more woody, then roughly chop 1-2 in. thick

2 medium sized onions roughly chopped

6 ribs Celery or the leafy tops of a whole head, roughly chopped

6 large tomatoes chopped

2 large red peppers (sweet) deseeded and broken into medium sized peices

1 large head of garlic peeled

1 bunch basil big hard stems removed

2-3 fresh spicy peppers

2-3 Tbs Dry herbs Italian or Provencal or custom blend of your choice

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1 tsp salt

1/4 cup Sacha Inchi Oil or EV Olive Oil  or grape seed Cold-pressed ORGANIC

2 Tbs Coconut Aminos

1/2 cup flax seeds – half brown/golden mix freshly ground to a fine powder

1/2 cup chia seeds –



After seeds have been sprouted and rinsed -pulse Seeds, garlic and herbs in a processor until they resemble a coarse sand.  Scraping the sides of the processor bowl to ensure consistent size of grains. Then place in a large bowl to hold all ingredients for the final mix.

Mix remaining rough chopped ingredients in a large bowl and fill processor halfway and pulse until the mix is a little larger than the seed paste, repeat this step until all the veggies have been used.

Mix everything thoroughly with the ground flax and chia seeds. Now to develop those flavors! Allow the mix to sit overnight in the refrigerator or 8-12 hours at room temp. This will begin a culturing effect orm the yeast introduced from your environment enhancing the flavor and nutritional value as the mix will be a probiotic and contain easily used amino acids!

Check the seasoning for your liking add salt or more aminos or more spices as you desire.

For a traditional falafel include 1-2 Tbs freshly ground cumin and swap our cilantro for the basil.

I used a purple scoop equal to about 3 Tbs 36 to a sheet, scooping balls directly onto screen.

For burgers measure a packed 1/2 cup  and drop in 3 x 3 piles evenly spaced on a dehydrator sheet. Using an offset spatula, caress each burger until it is as perfect you wish. Place an empty tray on top of the tray with the burgers and flip over. carefully peel the sheet off the burger. The closer you keep the peel to the burger the easier it will be to peel off. If you pull upward it will want to take the burger off the sheet with it.

dehydrate for 8-12 hours before attempting a flip.

Place an empty tray on top of the tray to flip. Flip over and remove the tray. Now gently peel the screen back. You may need to use a spatula or fork to assist in encouraging the little guys to release the now top screen. I also found success in flicking each piece with my finger snapping it from my thumb in a clicking motion.

Now fun with sauces and other presentation ideas! 

I made an orange chili mayo to top my little falafel bites with.

here is that approximate recipe-

8 seedless mandarin peeled

2 dried large CA chilis and a few New Mexican chilis deseeded and stem removed

4-6 dates or 1/4 cup raisins

4 cloves garlic

1/4 cup cider vinegar

1/2 cup hemp seeds

1 Tbs cumin seeds

1 Tbs Coriander seeds

1 tsp salt

blend until smooth and creamy

Then drizzle in at slow speed 1/2 cup cold pressed “extra virgin” oil of choice, Olive, grapeseed or Sacha Inchi

Lot’s of great sauce recipes out there and you are talented and have the innate ability to be fully inspired and creative too! Love to hear about your creative experiences!!! Share your pics and saucy creations. Cheers!

Have FUN!!! Enjoy playing with your balls absolutely guilt FREE!

Use the Neat balls with your fresh spiralized zucchini and tomato sauce add a dash of hemp seed for parmesan and fresh herbs over the top too! Yummerz!



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