Dr. Chris Reynolds aka “Dr. Wheatgrass”


Dr.. Chris Reynolds, MD
Dr. Chris Reynolds, Md.

Location: Caloundra, Australia

Graduating Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery at the University of Western Australia in 1973, Dr. Chris spent most of his professional career as a general practitioner in Perth and Melbourne, and overseas in Hong Kong and Moscow working for refugee programs.
In 1995, a chance healing phenomenon using a cereal grass extract reignited his flagging passion for practicing medicine. Since then, he has used wheatgrass to help thousands of patients overcome conditions for which there were no satisfactory pharmaceutical alternatives. For example, molluscum contagiosum, burns and wound healing. In addition, the high safety, low cost and virtual absence of adverse effects using wheatgrass for healing, makes it ideal for use by everyone – health practitioners and general public alike. Dr. Reynolds appears to be the only doctor anywhere who, when he first observed the healing effects of wheatgrass, had the vision to develop the Dr Wheatgrass brand of wheatgrass products we have today. Certainly, he leads the world in his clinical experience, scientific knowledge and understanding of how wheatgrass and other cereals have such beneficial effects.
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