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Dr. Leslie Van Romer
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“I am!” are the two most empowering words in the English language.

Not “I will” eat better. Not “I try” to exercise. Not “I can” lose weight. Not “I wish” I had more energy.

Not “I should” eat more fruits and vegetables. Not “I could” live without meat and cheese (if it weren’t for my meat-lovin’, cheese-lovin’ man.) Not “I would” drink fresh fruit and vegetable juices (if I only had the time).

Not “I want” to feel better about myself.

Let’s make a life-changing shift. Game?

Three Suggestions:

1. Be aware of that head chatter. Notice every time I will, I try, I can, I wish, I should, I could, I would, or I want pops into your brain. You’ll be shocked by the chatter clutter.

2. Consciously change that I will, I try, I can, I wish, I should, I could, I would, or I want to the two most self-empowering words:

“I am!”

I am filling up on fresh fruits in the morning.

I am eating and enjoying a 10-veggie salad every lunch.

I am centering dinners on veggie salads and vegetables, a shift from meat-, dairy-, pasta-centered meals.

I am drinking homemade fresh fruit and vegetable juices, which zip to my cells with pure nutrients and energize me within 30 minutes.

I am exercising every day, doing something!

I am getting down to my ideal weight.

I am taking self-responsibility for my body, health, and life.

I am feeling better than ever.

I am feeling better than ever about myself.

I am confident, strong, fit, energized, creative, happy, present, and blissfully peaceful inside.

I am being exactly who I was born to be and doing exactly what I came here to do.

I am loving myself and others.

I am expressing my love of myself and others through my Thoughts, Words, and Actions.

And . . . I am permanently deleting from my brain the two most dis-empowering words in the English language:

“I Can’t.”

“I. C.A.N.’T.” stands for “I Could’ of And Never Tried.” Never tried hard enough and long enough with crystal clear intentions and that “do it or die” determination.

3. Write down a list of your own “I ams,” starting with “I am [insert your name].”

Ahhhhh . . . you gotta love the sound of those three little words. “I am [insert your name].”

As you re-program your mind with “I ams,” you will become more and more awed by Who You Are and All That You Are Capable Of!

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