Coconut Secret

Coconut Secret

I recently discovered a new raw, low glycemic, gluten-free product line featuring one of my favorite foods of all time: coconuts.

The line is called Coconut Secret, and I purchased a four item trial pack:
1.    Coconut Crystals
2.    Coconut Vinegar
3.    Coconut Nectar
4.    Coconut Aminos

They are all wonderful…I’m so happy with every item!
If you’re wondering whether or not they have a coconutty taste to them, the answer is no.

Not that I would mind that at all, but in this case, when there’s so many options for the use of these items, some recipes may not fit in well with the taste of coconut, so it’s probably best that way.

The crystals almost have the texture and appearance of brown sugar. They also look and taste exactly like palm sugar, which is another great low glycemic sweetener (both register only 35 percent on the GI index). I was happy to learn that not only is it great tasting and easy on my pancreas, but it also is free of pesticides, herbicides and any other chemicals. I don’t use sweetener much these days, other than Stevia, but I have used it to sweeten up my chia and tofu puddings and also maca smoothies. I’m so stoked that I don’t need to use Agave any more, which has become so controversial lately.

The vinegar is great too. It reminds me more of the taste of Champagne vinegar, but to my surprise, the tartness wasn’t overwhelming, so I didn’t cough, like I usually do from other vinegars when I’ve tried them straight. It’s organic and, according to the company’s site, it’s much healthier than apple cider vinegar, which has been touted as the healthiest vinegar. There’s an interesting comparison chart there.

The nectar…oh the nectar…it’s so awesome! The color, thickness and taste of it reminds me of caramel. Not as thick as caramel, but close. I’ve always been torn, trying to decide whether I love chocolate or caramel more, so this is a nice raw substitute for caramel. And again, it’s low glycemic like the crystals, plus it’s free of pesticides, herbicides and other chemicals. Both items are waiting to be certified organic. I’ve had them on vegan pancakes, so it serves well as a syrup. No more using agave or even worse, those horrible bottled pancake syrups, which are in fact about 90 percent high fructose corn syrup.

Last, but not least, there’s the aminos. And let me say that while I like Nama Shoyu and Bragg’s Aminos, this coconut aminos is by far superior, in my opinion. It’s organic, soy free and contains 17 amino acids, which, according to their site, is 14 times what soy sauce contains. The taste is similar to Bragg’s, but the saltiness is not overwhelming at all. Very mellow and smooth. I love it.

The company’s site has quite a bit of information about coconuts in general, the sap and the company background, as well as their products. Not all of the tabs work (under construction) but there’s still plenty to read up on. They also offer a coconut flour, which I’m sure I’ll try in the near future.

When it has to do with a vegan or raw food product, I’m pretty much always open to giving it a chance. What’s great, though, is when I find myself completely satisfied and sold on it, which is the case with all four of these products. It’s a sure thing that I’ll be a repeat customer. Coconuts, for me, never cease to please.


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