LindaJoy Rose, Phd.


A concern of many who make the switch to raw foods is how can they fulfill their cravings for their customary snacks and treats, as many of those foods don’t play a part in their new diet. If something sweet is your snack of choice, once you get accustomed to the basics of making Raw Desserts you find that it is easy to satisfy sweet cravings with only a few ingredients. Salty snacks require a bit more creativity.

Alison Andrews


Many parents, when they begin to improve their own diets, are uncertain about whether they can ‘impose’ the healthier eating regime on their children. They act as if denying their children candies and burgers and cholesterol packed ice cream would be cruel. The opposite is true. It is cruel to impose a lifetime of illnesses on children who are looking to YOU for the example and the knowledge of how to live.



This Independence Day, how about celebrating not only the independence of your country, but the independence of you? So often we tend to feel insecure about the future. What will happen to us? Will we get sick? Heaven forbid we get a suspicious lump or bump, or start to feel our thoughts and memories slipping as we get older. These uncomfortable thoughts may become more uncomfortable as we start to reach ages where there is more likelihood of this occurring.