Freelee - What's In Your Burger

I have been watching Freelee and DurianRider for several years now and while I don’t always fully agree with their views I have to say that I am completely with her in her response to this ridiculous comment she received from a recent viewer.

**WARNING: The following footage is graphic but so convincing that I honestly don’t know how anyone could consume animal products after being presented with this information.

DISCLOSURE: I have _not_ fully researched all of the information presented in this video. But I HAVE done enough of my own research on most of the aspects touched on that I feel confident that the information as presented is credible.

I want to say something that I have been meaning to say here for a long time now and that is this: I feel strongly that humans are an integral part of NATURE and as such, believe there is nothing inherently wrong with humans consuming animals, the same as there is nothing wrong…or unnatural…about a lion, tiger, hyena, or great ape eating some animal protein, if that is what our biology dictates we are to consume. And since we are able to sustain our lives consuming animal protein, I don’t feel a moral dilemma about doing so. (To clarify, I AM a high-raw vegan and that is my personal preference. But I certainly have consumed my share of meat, poultry, fish, seafood, and dairy products over the course of my lifetime and do not judge others who choose to do so. I believe the following information is (or should be) a huge game changer, though, for anyone following a paleo, Atkins, low carb, or other meat and animal-based diet!)

HOWEVER…I definitely DO feel a moral dilemma about the blatant abuse and mistreatment going on in the commercial animal industry. IF humans raise animals for food purposes, I believe they should be treated with care and compassion, given the opportunity to live as high quality a life as possible, and then treated humanely in the death process. I know that there are some smaller family farms that are practicing this type of compassionate animal husbandry and I hope this trend continues and that the commercial animal industry as we know it is obliterated.

None of this, however, even begins to touch on the huge debate regarding whether or not consuming animal protein and products is beneficial or detrimental to human health. Clearly, humans were eating meat and dairy for centuries and maintaining relative good health prior to our current escalating crisis of heart disease, diabetes, and cancer. So, I tend to believe it is more likely that our present state of ill-health has more to do with all of the PROCESSED foods…not only refined grains and sugars…but also the processing (that most of us don’t take the time to look into in order to get the facts) of our meat and dairy products, which are consumed in massive quantities in the USA and elsewhere, that is truly having an enormous impact on our health and wellness. I’ll write another post with more detailed information on all of this soon. But for now, I just really wanted to share this video from Freelee the Banana Girl to get this information out there.

I would love to hear your own thoughts below:

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